Lewis Evans

by Reggie Barnes on February 11, 2012

Lewis Evans is a good friend of mine and also happens to be an accomplished artist and novelist. I first learned of Lewis thru his art. In particular; Cuban Girl which I saw hanging in Café Natura in Vancouver. Every other morning I would stop in for a coffee and the Cuban Girl always greeted me at the door. Her penetrating eyes and emotional face held me captivate. I had to know who painted her. The owner of Natura told me the artist was Lewis Evans. A few days later the Cuban Girl accompanied me home.

Since that first acquisition I’ve increased my collection with two additional paintings by Lewis. He also created the cover for Entomology. But that’s not all he can do…

Lewis can also write. And I mean he can write on par with Dan Brown and Michael Crichton. Hominine is Lewis’ first novel and was published in February of 2011. I purchased it on release day and as I read thru the pages I thought, “Holy cow, this is good stuff!” I had just finished reading Prey by Michael Crichton and was delighted to know that I was back in the middle of another thriller. This time it was Lewis taking me on a fast paced adventure that skillfully spanned cultures as well as continents.

The writing in Hominine is splendid! It’s so good that I was on the edge of my seat as the suspense crept in; waiting to see what was going to happen next. My favorite character in the book is Troy King: there’s a Peter Falk / Columbo-ness about him. If you love a good thriller then this is the book for you!

Artist, Novelist; Polymathic man. I believe Lewis could also run a small country if he were elected! 😉

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