Album update # 6 – Mixing Entomology

by Reggie Barnes on November 1, 2010

The ground breaking day has come and mixing has begun! Since I’m the Producer, Composer, Performer, and Mix Engineer I have complete creative control of the final product. That being said I have to be particularly mindful not to just satisfy myself, but to make sure your listening experience enjoyable as well. In order to do that I’ve been playing music by artists and groups that have a similar vibe to Entomology; sort of listening “between the lines” to get an idea of what’s happening inside the mix and then take it a step beyond.

One of the things I could have done earlier was setup and prepare my software and outboard gear for mixing. What I thought would be only a few patch cables and mouse clicks away turns out to require more preparation than I originally believed: Patch cables too short and too few, learning a new automated fader control, CPU resources to meter out, reverb impulses to setup… You get the idea. Once everything is in place the process of mixing should go more smoothly with fewer interruptions.

…Back to work…

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