Women of Electronic/Alternative Music

by Reggie Barnes on July 4, 2010

I was asked a while ago why I didn’t reference any female artists in About Me. My response was that at the beginning my musical diet consisted mainly of groups fronted by male singers. That was until I heard The Sugarcubes lead singer belting out Birthday way back around 1988. I was utterly blown away! That wonderful voice belongs to none other than Björk Guðmundsdottir, commonly know as Björk.

Another fantastic discovery was while shopping at a local music retailer around 1998. The woman in the shop knew my musical tastes and recommended I give Cibo Matto a listen. Wow! Gold was struck again! The fantastic women of that group were Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda. They’ve since made great releases of their own.

Also around 1998 I was told to pick up Dummy by Portishead. You cannot deny the lovely sound of singer Beth Gibbons over those haunting tunes!

Also, in the 80’s I listened to the Eurythmics but admittedly I’d only heard their popular songs. More recently I’ve included Goldfrapp, Emilíana Torrini and Pamelia Kurstin in my CD changer. And of course I can’t forget the Ray of Light herself: Madonna. All are powerful and inspirational artists!

Which brings me to this; does anyone have an idea what is the name of this song and who is the singer? I found this in 2004 while trying to research a song by a female singer with the word “trois” that I heard in France between 1986-87. This isn’t the song I was looking for but I like it. I don’t speak French so I’m at a loss. 😉

[audio:http://reginator.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/13-Track-13.mp3|titles=Unknown Artist]

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